Welcome Annette Herd Butterfly

Hello and welcome to my website. Thank you for taking the interest to have a look at it.

Life is not linear. Mine has certainly been an interesting ride. So far it has taken me from Germany to Britain to Australia, and I currently live in the dusty Outback town of Broken Hill.

Getting older has not tempered my curiosity or slowed me down. There always seems to be another hill to climb, another mystery to explore, another skill to master. With my children forging their own paths as adults, I now cherish the gift of time to reconnect with the creative dreams of my youth.


In addition to poetry and screen I now write contemporary women’s fiction with uplifting stories about life, loss, and the healing power of love. As a holistic counsellor of 30 years I have a particular interest in dealing with loss and grief and creating a new empowered self. I see my writing as an extension of my healing practice. My characters face the tendrils of trauma, but eventually find happiness in the present and, more importantly, happiness within themselves. This is what I wish for all my readers.